Trade-Off Expert is a white label application that offers an impartial web-based comparison service that guides consumers through the process of decision-making when purchasing big ticket items with multiple and often complex specifications.

Based on cutting-edge University research, Trade-Off Expert provides the customer with a rich, interactive product comparison experience that replaces list formats that dominate today's comparison websites.

Comparisons can be conducted on a wide array of products or services ranging from cars to holidays to mobile phone contracts to washing machines.

Innovative Interface Design

Trade-Off Expert's innovative design allows customers to visualise all of the products, all of the time and to customise the display to their preferences.

Customer selection of product features allow multiples viws of the same data and highlights promising product choices. Further information and click-through links for each product provice the potential for driving sales activity or traffic to affiliate websites.

The potential for unique product comparisons to be generated provides customers with new and previously unconsidered comparison options. The application's interactivity and potential for the gamification of product comparison delivers competitive advantage in the comparison space and ensures repeat visits from high quality leads.

White Label Functionality

Trade-Off Expert operates as a white-label application, ensuring that comparison sites maintain control of their data and look-and-feel of their websites. Using cutting-edge cloud based web technologies, Trade-Off Expert takes care of the complex calculations, presentation logic and recommendation functionality whilst maintaining high performance standards. Through the white label route, Trade-Off Expert can be seamlessly integrated into existing comparison sites and tailored to reflect the look-and-feel of existing pages.

Business Impact

The increased interactivity and unique comparison data that is generated by user interaction with Trade-Off Expert provides a wealth of new business opportunities in the comparison space. Through the process of comparison analytics, the behaviour of users can be investigated and interpreted by the latest machine learning tools offering unrivalled and unprecedented insight into the consumer purchasing process and the opportunity to fine tune product development and sales channels. The visualisation properties also provide a unique market view that transcends standard segmentation and challenges the traditional marketing view by relating final purchasing behaviour to the product features that customers consider most important.